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Delicious festive treats from BBROOD that are available this season. 

Almond Cookies

Almond cookies made with pure almond paste. 200g

Gingerbreadman cookies

4 pieces in a pack of gingerman cookies , 140g.  

Mince pies

Our mince pies are golden crisp, filled with dried fruits soaked in brandy. 


Dutch doughtnuts with raisins. 

Oliebollen OFFER

Get 10 Dutch doughtnuts with raisins for only 1200Ksh.

Pepernoten Cookies

Traditional Dutch cookies, with speculaas spices. 200g

Richfruit bread

Our rich fruit bread is packed with dried fruit & spices. 

Speculaas Almond

Traditional Dutch cookies with almond & speculaas spices. 200g

Speculaas Cookie

Traditional Dutch cookies with speculaas spices. 200g


Stollen bread is filled with pure almond paste & dried fruits.
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Make a selection from our premium pure sourdough bread that’s 100% natural without any preservatives.

Corn Bread

A white sourdough bread with a crunchy corn crust. 

Mtama Bread (Millet)

Millet bread with a twist of sweet potato and rosemary.

Multigrain Loaf

A brown sourdough bread topped with the goodness of four seeds.

Oat Oval

Sourdough bread with oats. Healthly & tasty. 

Rye Bread 100%

Made with 100% Rye flour, it has a dense structure, to be sliced at home.   

Rye Bread 50%

This is a 50% rye bread. Rye is a non-wheat grain that’s rich in fibre.


A brown sourdough bread made from spelt flour  and topped with sunflower seeds.

Spelt Without Topping

A brown sourdough bread made from spelt flour.

White Oval

Sourdough white wheat-based bread.

Whole Wheat Oval

Wholemeal sourdough bread.
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Baguette Multigrain

Brown wheat-based baguette topped with four seeds for a nutty taste.

Baguette White

Sourdough white wheat-based bread. Perfect for sandwiches and bitings. 

Pistolet Spelt

A brown spelt-based small bread ideal for sandwiches. 

Pistolet White

A white spelt-based small bread ideal for sandwiches.
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Tin Brown

A brown yeast bread made from 100% natural ingredients.

Tin Brown Small

A brown yeast bread made from 100% natural ingredients.

Tin White

A white yeast bread made from 100% natural ingredients.

Tin White Small

A white yeast bread made from 100% natural ingredients.
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Brown Bun

Pack of 4. A brown steamed bread made usually of a blend of whole wheat & white wheat flours.

Ciabatta Olives

Italian sourdough bread with black olives ideal for any sandwich.  

Ciabatta Plain

Italian sourdough bread ideal for any sandwich. 

Hamburger Bun

Pack of 5. Round wheat-based breads made with wheat flour and topped with sesame seeds.Your ideal bread for burgers. 

Raisin Bun

Pack of 4. White egg dough bread packed with raisins, a typical Dutch delight. Best served warm with butter.
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Almond Croissant

Made with pure almond paste.

Cheese Croissant

Filled & topped with cheese. 

Chocolate Croissant

Made with Belgian dark chocolate.

Plain Croissant

Flaky & crispy layered pastry made purely with butter.   
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Beef Pie

A crispy exterior giving way to the tastiest warmly-spiced minced beef filling.

Cheese Pie

Tasty cheese filling in puff pastry.

Chicken Pie

Tasty fresh chicken filling in puff pastry.

Focaccia Chicken

Italian bread, seasoned with olive oil, salt & herbs & delicately topped with chicken cubes. 

Focaccia Tomato & Cheese

Italian bread, seasoned with olive oil, salt and herbs, topped with fresh tomato & cheese. 

Samosas Beef (2pcs)

A crispy exterior giving way to the tastiest warmly-spiced minced beef filling.

Samosas Chicken (2pcs)

A crispy exterior giving way to the tastiest warmly-spiced minced chicken filling.

Samosas veg (2pcs)

A crispy exterior giving way to the tastiest warmly-spiced veggie filling.*suitable for vegetarians.

Sausage Roll

A  tasteful blend of sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry.

Spinach Feta Pie

A tasteful blend of spinach & feta cheese in puff pastry. *suitable for vegetarians
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Apple Pie Slice

A sweet layered pastry made of a mix of dried fruits and fresh diced apples under a crisp crust. 

Apple Turnover

Triangular shaped pastry treat stuffed with apple filling and spiced with cinnamon.

Assorted Cookies

Assorted ginger, choc-chip, & ginger cookies. 

Banana Cake

Moist, tender & made with fresh bananas. 

Bread & Butter Pudding

A delicious pudding made with our pastries. 

Carrot Cake Slice

Light, fluffy, and tasty with carrot flavour.   

Choc Chip Cookie

Made from Belgian dark chocolate. 

Cinnamon Roll

A sweet swirl of croissant dough with cinnamon-raisin filling, topped with a sugar glaze.

Coconut Cookies

Gluten free coconut cookies. 150g

Ginger Cookies

Ginger flavoured cookies with a sugar crystal topping. 

Peanut Cookie

A crunchy cookie topped with peanuts. *Not suitable for persons with peanut allergy.

Vanilla Cake Slice

Light, fluffy, and tasty with vanilla flavour. 

Vanilla Tea Cookies

A delicious treat with your daily coffee and tea. 200g
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Delicious BBROOD sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and served on a pistolet or a ciabatta bread.

Cheese Panini

Gouda cheese in corn bread toasted to perfection, with fresh veggies.

Cheese Sandwich

Gouda cheese slices toasted with fresh cut vegetables. 

Chicken Avocado Sandwich

Cajun spiced chicken sandwich with fresh avocado.                                                                                          

Chicken Curry Sandwich

Chicken spiced tender cubes, mixed with celery, roasted cashnew nuts, raisins and fresh coriander. *Not suitable for persons with peanut allergy.

Tuna Sandwich

A delicious, refreshing & crunchy tuna sandwich.
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Café Latte


Hot Chocolate

House Coffee

Iced Latte

Iced Mocha

Iced White Coffee

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Black Tea

Chai Latte

Iced Tea Black

Iced Tea White

Kenyan Tea

Lemon & Ginger Tea (Dawa)

Masala Tea

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Carry your shopping in our eco bags, made from empted flour bags combined with Kitenge by Don Boscco boys-Kuwinda. Buy to support our recycling initiative.
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Berry Blast Tea

Chamomile Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea & Lemon Grass

Green Tea & Mint


Lemon & Ginger Tea

Orthodox Green Tea

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